Chandler's benching.

As usual, I'm gonna share something again. I've seen this just a few minutes ago and I'm sure that this will make things clear for all Purefoods parokyanos. This is about the quarter finals' game 3 against Purefoods and Rain or Shine.

Rene Pardo at 7:30 am June 21
So long as Im handling the team, chandler will never be our import again. I ordered his benching as he was a liability and a distraction to his teamates.

That statement is actually from facebook. One of my fellow onliners asked Gov Pardo why Chandler was benched during the game's most crucial quarter. We all know why though, since Coach RG thought that he was acting like a brat; now, we know who instructed him. And through The Dean's article, we know the real reason behind Chandler's attitude that game. So, everything clear now? :)