Jones Cup Results

JONES CUP RESULTS (Team Pilipinas only)

072609 Lost to Iran 65-80
072209 Won over Taiwan B 94-90
072209 Lost to Korea 80-83
072209 Lost to Lebanon 83-95
072109 Lost to Japan 85-87
072009 Won over Kazakhstan 85-67
071909 Lost to Taiwan A 77 - 86
071809 Lost to Jordan 59 - 90

Team Pilipinas' Schedule and TV Listings for the Jones Cup

Sorry for the late post about this, I knew about it very recently.. Anway, here's the Powerade Team Pilipinas' game schedule and the telecasts for the Jones Cup.

Philippines vs. Jordan
Tipoff: Saturday, July 18, 5 PM
ESPN Broadcast: Sunday, July 19, 1 PM

Philippines vs. Chinese Taipei – A
Tipoff: Sunday, July 19, 7 PM
ESPN Broadcast: Monday, July 20, 10 AM

Philippines vs. Kazakhstan
Tipoff: Monday, July 20, 3 PM
ESPN Broadcast: Live!

Philippines vs. Japan
Tipoff: Tuesday, July 21, 3PM
ESPN Broadcast: Live!

Philippines vs. Lebanon
Tipoff: Wednesday, July 22, 7PM
ESPN Broadcast: Live!

Philippines vs. South Korea
Tipoff: Thursday, July 23, 5 PM
ESPN Broadcast: Live!

Philippines vs. Chinese Taipei – B
Tipoff: Saturday, July 25, 3 PM
ESPN Broadcast: Live!

Philippines vs. Iran
Tipoff: Sunday, July 26, 1 PM
ESPN Broadcast: Live!

ESPN will not be able to air this weekend's games live because they'll be broadcasting the British Open Championship. Credits to a site where I found this. (Dang, I'm so sorry I can't give much credit, I wasn't able to copy the link of the site. I'm really sorry..) Let's all support our country in the best way that we can, by praying. God bless us all! :)

You Just Can't Have Everything

Right after another historic Game 7 between the Beermen and the Ginkings, here I am, blogging. And because I'm too excited to share my thoughts, I don't have a picture yet. Haha. Anyway,


If you ask me, they totally deserve it. They started this conference BIG, leading the way with an 11-3 after the elimination round and taking the first outright semi-finals berth even though played without their main men who got injured. They did everything step by step, and being humble in every step of the way. They waited for 4 long years before taking another championship and that's tough for a team that everyone's expecting to win because of their supposed powerhouse lineup. They waited patiently for their players to recover while making other improved bench players play.

And tonight, the Beermen have proven that they still have what it takes to be called CHAMPIONS. They fought hard, they strived hard not to give up any easy baskets. They played hard even if more than half of the fans in the Big Dome were against them. They did their best to win for God, for their fans and for themselves.

Jonas Villanueva won the Finals MVP Award which was won by Eric Menk and Ronald Tubid last year. Well, he deserves it. He worked hard and maybe, just maybe, this is his season. He won the Most Improved Player award recently and now he's an MVP. Meanwhile, Coach Siot Tanquincen, Coach Jong's former mentee and the coach almost every SMB fan hated, was the man of the moment a while ago. Someone actually carried him on his shoulders while the coach was smiling and waving at everyone. Now, I wonder, where the hell are these haters?

Anyway, Ginebra, probably, did not win the title, even if they had the talent, because it's actually a lesson for everyone. YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING. They were hailed All Filipino Cup Champions last year, they bagged a couple of awards recently in the Leo Awards, and they have millions of fans! We can now apply the quote, "you can't have everything, where would you put it?" in this situation. Don't believe me? Let's look at the signs. Sunday Salvacion, known to be a shooter and not a defender, was shut off the game in the first quarter right? David Noel, known to be a consistent player was not able to hit the shots he's used to taking a while ago. Coach Jong Uichico, a great tactician, seemed to run out of ideas and strategies in the game's crucial moments. Maybe I'm being weird again but that's my opinion and this is my blog! :))

We can't bring back what's lost, no one can. Fans can't make their teams win by being bitter or by saying foul stuff about players and referees. To take things lightly, let's just reminisce on some funny lines (well, for me anyway) during the dugout interview by Magoo Marjon a while ago.

"Yung mga manok!" -- Mark Pingris, making fun of Danny I for greeting the people who take care of his chickens last game

"Babati ako, babati ako!" -- Danny Ildefonso, when his teammates were pouring beer on him

"MVP! MVP!" -- Beermen, cheering for Jonas

"Tama na, tama na!" -- Jonas Villanueva, trying to tell his teammates to keep quiet 'cause he probably can't hear Magoo's questions and can't answer to them properly

"Ang sarap maligo sa San Miguel beer!" -- Olsen Racela, as he gets wet by his teammates who were pouring beer on him.

Goodbye PBA for the meantime. :( See you next season! I'm sooooo excited, can't wait.. I wanna know about the draftees and trades now! Hahahaha. PBA, Atin 'to! Thanks for a great season!

Upcoming Events:
July 18, 2009 - Philippines vs. Jordan at 5 pm, telecast on July 19 at 1 pm (ESPN)
August 2, 2009 - Annual Rookie Draft

I'll be posting RP Team's complete schedule in the Jones Cup together with the television listings later on. By the way, the Rookie Draft will again be held in Market! Market! I'll also be posting on trades and other off-season stuff. Ciao for now!

Danny I says sorry, SMB extends series

Last night was the unforgettable Game 6 of the 2009 Motolite PBA Fiesta Conference Finals against SMB and BGK. The big dome was painted white last night with all Ginebra fans wearing white to show their support for their favorite team and in response to the instruction from Asst. Coach Allan Caidic. It was an extremely NOISY game, Ginebra fans cheering their hearts out especially when their favorite players made difficult baskets or long three-pointers.

Ginebra fans seemed confident, I heard a lot of people say that SMB will take their sad loss.. Hey, where are they now? Haha. Sorry, I'm not a biased fan.. I just hate it when fans become too overconfident for their own good. Anyway, SMB won last night. I have no idea how they won or when they started to take the lead. (*annoyed* was too busy to watch the game.) All I know is that they won and that Danny I was interviewed as the best player of the ball game.

The interview was wonderful though, I don't think any part of the game would top that. Danny I answered a few questions first but then, suddenly, things went to greeting his family members, all Ilocanos, and even those who take care of his chickens in his farm (according to my aunt, they own a farm). He said hi to his daughter Sophia and his 2 boys. (forgot the name! sorry) Later on he apologized to the fans saying that he's only human and commits mistakes. When he was being interviewed, I was teary-eyed. Dang, he's one of my PBA idols! When I watched him live for the first time last May, I couldn't help but clap and cheer my heart out even if I didn't know him that much! Also, I love him as a father, he's a great father.. I do hope and pray that his daughter gets well soon..

Danny has already expressed his sincere apology to Mr. Nervandez and to the fans, I hope that this issue will never be a stupid issue ever again. Some fans commented badly last night when he committed a grammatical error. I say, stop it! So what? Are you perfect? Even Americans who speak English each and every efffing second commit grammatical errors! To Mars with you! Maybe, just maybe, they're too bitter since their team wasn't able to take the Championship trophy last night. This is one of the things I hate about some fans, they always look for ways on how to embarrass a player. Oh whatever, what's done is done. Game 7 tomorrow, don't forget! Also, Powerade Team Pilipinas' first game on the 18th. And today is our first anniversary. LOL. (Macky and I) I got addicted to him starting July 16 last year.. Share! :))

OMG, thanks daddy!

Daddy Ryan G. and I have the same idea! (Oh please, don't ask me why I call him that.) This is exactly what I've been pointing out to fans with whom I had arguments with! Ok, people seem to think that Coach RG is a bad coach since PF has some of the league's most talented players still the team failed to make it to the Semis or the Finals in the last three conferences. They always put the blame on him, don't they? But this is what we, Coach RG and I, believe in:

“Talent alone is not enough to win games. Players must know their roles on the team. Otherwise, we will not succeed."

I was so shocked when I read his statement since we have the same point-of-view on the matter. Yes, they might have the talent but if they don't know their roles, they would never ever win championships. The players might have all the talent but it seems that they don't even know what they're supposed to do yet. It doesn't rely fully on the coach you know.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. PF has a lot of star players but that doesn't mean that they'll perform their very very very best every game.. Look, it isn't Coach's fault that players miss freethrows or whatever baskets ok? *sigh* As the PBFantasy promotion said, don't pick the players just because they've made their names famous in the league. Pick players who perform well but don't require that much money. It's a good example of what I'm saying. Yes, PF does have it's star players but that does not mean that everyone must expect them to be champions every year! THAT'S ALL.

Jones Cup!

Here's the schedule of our beloved Powerade Team Pilipinas in the upcoming Jones Cup. Format: Date, Time, Team they're up against. :D

Date: July 18-28
Venue: Sinjhuang Stadium, Taipei
JULY 18 - 3PM --- JORDAN
JULY 19 - 7PM --- TAIWAN A
JULY 21 - 3PM --- JAPAN
JULY 22 - 7PM --- KOREA
JULY 23 - 3PM --- IRAN
JULY 26 - 5PM --- TAIWAN B

By the way, NO PBA GAMES THIS FRIDAY AND SUNDAY. This is because Araneta will be the venue for the UAAP Opening on Saturday and WWE on Sunday. (I think. Not sure about the days though.) Game 5 of the Motolite PBA Fiesta Conference Finals will be on Monday instead.

The Facts, not RUMORS.

People just don't believe facts, don't they? Ok. First off, I got the "inside stuff" from a friend's text message. At first, I didn't believe it that much.. Many don't until now. Some forum posts from Ginebra fans have a lot of questions like where did you get that Danny's daughter issue, etc, etc.. I was confused because of those posts! But, finally, some sort of confirmation came.. Here's a tweet from Ms. Patricia Hizon about the issue on Danny Ildefonso and Mark Pingris vs. Mr. Nervadez and in response to a fan's question on how she knew about the insider thing...

The fan said a bunch of P words and F words and flashed him the finger many times. He insulted Danny's daughter who has cancer

Danny I's daughter has been suffering from (I think) cancer. For that man to use that to try to distract Danny is just EVIL

The press people were saying it and They said danny revealed it when he went to the press room to explain after the game

Is posting tweets illegal? I'm really sorry, so pissed off since people just don't believe me.. :)) Anyway, hope these would clear things up.

Aww. :D

Do you know that I'm quite a Richard Del Rosario fan? I always want him talking during the games. When I first listened to him, I laughed really hard at his jokes and antics. He's a really funny guy and I just looooove listening to him! When I knew about him being College of St. Benilde's head coach, I started watching their NCAA games (along with SBC's of course). Oh btw, do you know that he and Jondan Salvador had the same school? Anyway, I recently found out that he has a twitter account and started following him. The other day, I posted this tweet, hoping to get a response.

@charddelrosario good luck coach! hope CSB takes its 3rd straight win. :)

I was, as usual, online last night and was shocked by a reply from him. Okay, scratch that. I was surprised. LOL. Shocked though, it's not everyday that one of your faves is gonna reply on your tweet right? And another thing, I thought a person can only see one's tweet when he follows him. He doesn't follow me, but he was able to read my message. Wow, another discovery. :)) Anyway, because I was surprised by it, I actually saved a preview of the page. :D Here it is. :)

Danny I's explosion

Danny Ildefonso is one of the most respected active veteran players in the PBA today and seeing him that mad after Game 2 of the Finals against Barangay Ginebra at a fan would just make you feel shocked. He seems like this cool and calm guy and witnessing that scenario was just plain shocking. One would ask himself, what the hell did that fan do to make him that angry? Also, why was Mark Pingris, another fan-friendly type of player, also involved in that sitch?

Thanks to an info from a friend and from Ms. Patricia Bermudez-Hizon's blog, things were cleared. It seems that the fan, by the name of Ferdinand De Guzman Nervadez first taunted Jay Washington by saying vulgar words and the never-dying dirty finger. Seeing no success, this fan focused on Ildefonso by shouting, "Mamatay sana anak mo." We all know that his daughter has cancer and is one of the reasons why Ildefonso missed the 2009 All-Star Game. And any father who'd hear that statement would be totally and madly enraged!

I understand the side of those people who say that the two should have just let it pass but I guess I can side better with Ildefonso and Pingris. Come on! Put yourselves into Ildefonso's position, you're a father who's trying to make yourself stronger in facing these challenges, trying to be optimistic and just desperately praying for your child's health and betterment and now there's this jerk who shouts that at you? Oh my gosh, that's simply unforgivable for a dad.

About the penalties given? Damn, I hate to say this but I firmly disagree! After asking Danny and Mark to pay 30, 000 and 10, 000 respectively, they're gonna be suspended? Oh come on! The jerky fan wasn't even given any sanction, not even asked to stand and face the wall for a minute or at least suspended from watching the game due to his effffing behavior. Alright, I'm "quite" one-sided. So sorry, can't help but be one-sided! I just haaaaaaate what happened!

Shocking Links. :D

It's just shocking to find out that in one way or another, you're linked to a player. That's exactly how I feel. :)) Hmm, not that much but, somehow, yeah.

First link: My sister studies Math in Kumon while my aunt waits for her everyday. She talks to parents and guardians there while waiting so as not to get bored and one actually said that her son was PJ's friend before! Also, they lived nearby in Pasig (I think). She said that PJ gave them some Purefoods products before during Christmas. :)

Second link: My friend/schoolmate/ex-classmate came from an all-girls school. She and her sister studied there during her grade school years. According to her younger sister, Wesley's sister was her batchmate! She even said that she saw Wesley fetching her sister before. Aww. :)

Third link: Between Jondan and me, there is no link. =)) That's because we're just connected by nothing. We're connected but no one connects us. Get it? Oh right, I guess the link is my dad. Jondan lives in BF Parañaque (according to my sources) and we have guards there. :) Nice, right? If only my dad was supportive enough, I could've have his address by now!

Links, I'm sure there are more and I'll do my very best to find out! :D

Chandler's benching.

As usual, I'm gonna share something again. I've seen this just a few minutes ago and I'm sure that this will make things clear for all Purefoods parokyanos. This is about the quarter finals' game 3 against Purefoods and Rain or Shine.

Rene Pardo at 7:30 am June 21
So long as Im handling the team, chandler will never be our import again. I ordered his benching as he was a liability and a distraction to his teamates.

That statement is actually from facebook. One of my fellow onliners asked Gov Pardo why Chandler was benched during the game's most crucial quarter. We all know why though, since Coach RG thought that he was acting like a brat; now, we know who instructed him. And through The Dean's article, we know the real reason behind Chandler's attitude that game. So, everything clear now? :)