Danny I says sorry, SMB extends series

Last night was the unforgettable Game 6 of the 2009 Motolite PBA Fiesta Conference Finals against SMB and BGK. The big dome was painted white last night with all Ginebra fans wearing white to show their support for their favorite team and in response to the instruction from Asst. Coach Allan Caidic. It was an extremely NOISY game, Ginebra fans cheering their hearts out especially when their favorite players made difficult baskets or long three-pointers.

Ginebra fans seemed confident, I heard a lot of people say that SMB will take their sad loss.. Hey, where are they now? Haha. Sorry, I'm not a biased fan.. I just hate it when fans become too overconfident for their own good. Anyway, SMB won last night. I have no idea how they won or when they started to take the lead. (*annoyed* was too busy to watch the game.) All I know is that they won and that Danny I was interviewed as the best player of the ball game.

The interview was wonderful though, I don't think any part of the game would top that. Danny I answered a few questions first but then, suddenly, things went to greeting his family members, all Ilocanos, and even those who take care of his chickens in his farm (according to my aunt, they own a farm). He said hi to his daughter Sophia and his 2 boys. (forgot the name! sorry) Later on he apologized to the fans saying that he's only human and commits mistakes. When he was being interviewed, I was teary-eyed. Dang, he's one of my PBA idols! When I watched him live for the first time last May, I couldn't help but clap and cheer my heart out even if I didn't know him that much! Also, I love him as a father, he's a great father.. I do hope and pray that his daughter gets well soon..

Danny has already expressed his sincere apology to Mr. Nervandez and to the fans, I hope that this issue will never be a stupid issue ever again. Some fans commented badly last night when he committed a grammatical error. I say, stop it! So what? Are you perfect? Even Americans who speak English each and every efffing second commit grammatical errors! To Mars with you! Maybe, just maybe, they're too bitter since their team wasn't able to take the Championship trophy last night. This is one of the things I hate about some fans, they always look for ways on how to embarrass a player. Oh whatever, what's done is done. Game 7 tomorrow, don't forget! Also, Powerade Team Pilipinas' first game on the 18th. And today is our first anniversary. LOL. (Macky and I) I got addicted to him starting July 16 last year.. Share! :))


Anonymous said...

They were on the driver's seat all through out the game. Needless to say, Danny I is really great and has a good heart.

Wow, to Mars! Those people don't deserve a planet, ha ha ha.

I knew this championship will end on the 7th game. Well, yes, to hell with the over confident fans!!!