Wesley Gonzales! :]

I have a picture that's more informal than this pero akin nalang yun! Baka mamaya agawin nyo pa. :)) I don't know when I actually noticed this guy 'cause I just started cheering for him while watching. Hehe. I really like him y'know. As in.. Naalala ko tuloy nung battle for third. Super bitter ko kasi natalo ng Sta. Lucia ang San Miguel. I actually cheered for San Miguel that time because of Wesley, not because I like San Miguel as a team. Sayang kasi.. Eh di sana si Wesley yung best player nun. Haay. Kabitter! Eh di sana siya yung masaya at "savior" nila nun, hindi si Dennis Espino. I have nothing against Espino pero maka-Wesley talaga ako eh! Ever since I found out about "The Green Mile Issue," si Wesley naging crying shoulder ko. (waah, feeler. wish ko lang.) Basta, sa kanya ata napunta lahat ng attention ko for Jondan? Hahaha. Grabe, sabi kasi sa inyo natraumatize ako dun sa movie na yun! *goosebumps* It's not a horror movie, guys and girls. It's actually about God. Problem is, you're gonna witness the death of some innocent people in prison. Yung pinaka naging problema ko sa movie na yun is yung pinabayaan ni Tom Hanks (kung ano mang name nya sa movie) na mamatay yung big man na nagpapagaling ng may sakit using his God-given powers. Gosh, I'm going off-topic again! :)) Basta, made my point. I love Wesley Gonzales! :) Believe it or not, boto ang lola ko sa gusto ko. :)) Gwapo nga daw eh. Hahahaha! Oh di ba, buti pa lola ko may taste! Yun kasing sister ko at yung tita ko wala. :)) I'll actually sleep late later despite my migraine 'cause the telecast of their game is at 11:45. I will not miss that! Go Wild Wild Wes! :) I do hope he'll be the game's best player again. If not, well, he'll always be my heart's best player. :)

Hanna's Believe it or Not 2

Hmm.. I think everyone knows this except me so I'll be talking to myself in this post. So, Hanna, believe it or not..

There's a PC game called PBA Live! It's similar to NBA Live but, instead, you're players will be our very own locals. The game is available for downloading in pbalive.panelo.com/home.php If it doesn't work, don't blame me. I haven't tried it yet. I'm really sorry, I still don't have a speedy computer..

Wesley Gonzales, tonight's best player of the ball game, is already 28 years old! Please don't blame me for thinking he's younger, admit it, he looks young! Yah, yah, I have my mistake. I was stupid enough to think that he was a draftpick for 2008. I haven't been watching SMB games before and cannot remember Commissioner Sonny Barrios announcing SMB's chosen rookie.. Well, I watched one MBM (yes, magnolia at that time) game which was against Purefoods in the 2008 Smart Fiesta Conference Eliminations but I think I did not see him. I knew about his existence just last conference. So, please, bear with me for thinking that he's just 24. At least I now know that he's 28 and born on July 27, 1980.

Tony dela Cruz probably has the same injury as Jeff Cariaso! Omg. That's a total disaster. I have to be honest. The only player I love from Alaska is Tony and he suffered an injury a while ago in a game against Purefoods. He had 20 points. And it's really sad that his performance had to end that way. I do hope he's okay..

Yah, I know. It's still personal. :)) I'm sorry. It's a blog anyway, not a professional PBA site. This site is about my views on PBA, as a fan, as an ordinary person who watches it, as one of the audience of this wonderful thing. :) I love PBA! Watch out for the coming posts on Hanna's Believe it or Not. :P

Hanna's Believe it or Not 1

Yay, so happy. I'm gonna be posting again! Thank God for the early vacation. Well, it's quite late but I wanna post because I found out about something shocking and I wanna share it here.

As I was looking for my list of urls of people I wanted to add as friends in friendster (notepad), i accidentally clicked a file entitled "Facts on Purefoods." I saved this file about 3 or 4 months ago when I copied it from cw4pf.org but haven't read it thoroughly yet. So, I read it this evening and found out about something shocking..

Do you guys know about the movie "The Greenmile" starring Tom Hanks? I had my worst nightmare because of that movie. I first watched it with my parents and after the movie, I had my first taste of sleeping at 3 am. I couldn't sleep that night because I was so scared of the movie and because of goosebumps. I was able to sleep at 3 am yet woke up again because of a nightmare about the movie. I was still in gradeschool then.

What's the connection, you might ask. Well, the big connection and the BN of tonight is actually that Jondan and I are simply opposites! I just found out that his favorite movie is The Greenmile. Yah, thanks to that saved file. Gosh. How painful...

Ouch. Oh well, some things are not meant to be. xD Stay updated for another post on Hanna's Believe it or Not. I do hope that the next one wouldn't be personal like this one. :))

Gregorio beats Garcia, at last.

Ever since Coach Caloy Garcia took over the Elasto Painters, Purefoods has never won against the said team. As Mico Halili said, "He is the only coach he has not beaten yet." And yes, it is true. I started watching the PBA in 2008, during the Philippine Cup Championship Game 3 between PF and SLR. I continued this passion for PBA and ever since I started watching, I never saw Purefoods win over the franchise. As we all know, Rain or Shine was formerly known as Welcoat and during the 2008 Fiesta Conference, the team won only 4 games in the entire conference, 2 of those games were won against the Giants. Last Conference (2009 Philippine Cup), Purefoods suffered the same feat, losing 2 games against Rain or Shine in 2 Thursdays.

But, this time, the tables were turned. However, turning the tables was pretty hard for the giants as the first half ended with the Giants' 5 point lead at 45-40 and with a total of 8 lead changes. Since the venue was not airconditioned, both imports were not dominant in the game. Because of that, the locals had to work extra hard to win; especially the locals of Purefoods because their import, Brian Hamilton, got ejected early in the 3rd quarter due to a flagrant foul penalty 2 against Rob Wainwright. Good thing that Kerby Raymundo, Don Allado, James Yap, and PJ Simon stepped up and brought in points for the Giants while Al Vergara, the former import for the Singapore Slingers, brought the energy and the momentum that lifted their all-Filipino lineup. They actually did very well. They had a 15-2 run against ROS and had 29-11 turnover points even without Hamilton.

Although the 4 were very active for their team, 3 people from Rain or Shine also had the "hot hands" for shooting field goals; namely, Gabe Norwood, Sol Mercado (who was suspended in their last game), and Don Dulay. Norwood had three 3pt fieldgoals, Mercado had 11 points (6 in the 2nd qtr?), and 4 shots from rainbow country went in for Don Dulay. Their import, Charles Clark, had 12 points and was not given much playing time in the second half. While they enjoyed knocking shots in, one guy remained unfortunate and that was Jireh Ibañes who had 5 misses in a row. (?)

So, how did Purefoods win without their import? Well, they had the momentum, they showed that they "had the bigger heart" as Don Allado has said. It was a very hard-earned win as Purefoods had to win it without their import like in Coke's 1st win against Barako Bull. Actually, it was more difficult for them since they weren't able to win it in regulation; the game was sent into overtime with the score of 87 all. This is due to the missed freethrows by Wainwright and missed buzzerbeater by James Yap.

Nonetheless, the game was for Purefoods and Purefoods alone. The momentum was completely in their favor in the overtime period. Simon had 5 straight points while Roger Yap and Allado knocked in 3 straight charities. The game ended with an 8 point lead for the giants at 102-94.

The scores:
Purefoods 102 Allado 22, Raymundo 21, Yap J. 19, Simon 17, Canaleta 6, Hamilton 5, Yap R. 5, Vergara 4, Adducul 2, Villanueva 1.
Rain or Shine 94 Norwood 14, Reyes 13, Dulay 12, Clark 12, Mercado 11, Wainwright 11, Isip 10, Arana 9, Laure 2, Andaya 0, Ibañes 0.
Quarterscores 23-25, 45-40, 68-60, 87-87 (reg.), 102-94 (OT)

**credits to pba.ph (scores)**

God's Perfect Timing: A Simple Story

In basketball, time is always of the essence. There are shotclocks, game clocks, 24 second violations, 3 second violations, and so many more stuff on time. Players are not perfect, they violate rules on time during games and don't have the right timing during passes but God, definitely, is perfect. He doesn't commit mistakes. He does everything in the right time. Let me share an excerpt on my simple story, my very own experience on God's perfect timing. Read on, you'll see how it relates to my blog's concept.
"Nakabili na ko ng cake! Grabe kahapon ko pa gustong gusto bumili. As in, talagang naluha ako nung nakita ko yung dami ng tao sa Goldilocks! Pero ok lang pala. Kasi kung nakabili ako kahapon...'di sana hindi ko SIYA nakita!!!! :D Ang saya saya ko dahil nakakita ako ng player kanina.. Second time ko na siya nakita in person but he never fails to put a smile on my face. He comes from my favorite team. Mas gwapo pala siya sa personal and sa malapitan. :) Nakita ko siya sa gonuts donuts while on the way to Goldilocks. Grabe, nanlamig ako. If I was my usual self kanina, nakapagpapicture siguro ako. Nagkatitigan pa nga kami ng mga 2 seconds siguro. Natunaw ako. :)) I wanted to stay there and buy donuts kaso cake nga pala yung gusto ko! When I went out, nainis ako sa bagal sa bakeshop. Ang bagal ng cashier. Nainis ako kasi feeling ko wala ng chance na makita ko siya after kong bumili. :( Paglakad ko going back to the supermarket, nakita ko siya sa KFC! He was talking to someone over the phone. Sobrang asteeg kasi.. super unexpected! Sana makita ko siya ulit.. Ayy, hindi ko pa pala nasabi kung sino. I'm talking about Jondan Salvador who wears jersey # 5 and plays for the Purefoods TJ Giants. :)

Woah. What a day. Ang masasabi ko lang is that magiging mabait ako for a week or more.. Sobrang gandang coincidence kasi yung nangyari eh and parang thanksgiving kay God dahil He made me realize more and more na may reason nga pala for everything and that good things do come in time basta andyan si God. Simple nga siguro yung nangyari pero at least napasaya niya ko while teaching me a lesson. ANG GALING TALAGA NI GOD!"
Done? See my point? Even simple experiences teach us great lessons and, in this experience, I learned a lesson through God's great timing, through my misfortune-turned-luck, through my tita, through SM, and through a player named Jondan Salvador who wears jersey # 5 and plays (well, played. aww.) for the Purefoods TJ Giants. :)


If there's one thing I'd like at this very second, that is for my blog to be the first result when a person types in "Jondan Salvador." How can I even do that? I have no idea at all! I really don't know. I've got nothing in my mind right now except NOTHING. :)) Well, because I can't think of any other way that my blog will be Jondan-influenced, I'll just post pictures of him here. :) Pictures were searched throughout the "online world" thoroughly. All awkward, weird, super handsome pictures will stay with me though. I don't want people seeing things I wish to see alone. :)) Hmm.. But right now, I don't think I want to share pictures yet. I'll decide tomorrow since my migraine's killing me already. I'll post some excerpts from my multiply nalang. The pictures are safe with me, promise! Jondan Salvador fans, just stay with me. Leave me a message in my cbox ha, para masaya tayo. Sharing. Hahaha.

Hello, 2009 Motolite Fiesta Conference! :]

This also meant hello imports! Wee, so happy to see my favorite players again. :] First game was against the Burger King Titans and the Sta. Lucia Realtors in Dumaguete. I'm so freakingly scared of Anthony Johnson, Sta. Lucia's import. He's so good! Yeah, but weird enough, the Titans won even if their import wasn't that good to rely on. (sorry..) Well, I guess they used their combined powers; they meaning the locals. And, of course, they won because of the great strategies from their tactician, former RB coach, Coach Yeng Guiao. It felt so great seeing Chad Alonzo (former Giant) playing and looking hotter. ;)) Also felt nice seeing Cyrus Baguio (former RB star) scoring with double digits and seeing Beau Belga (also a former Giant) contribute for Burger King. So yeah, BK won. It was a close fight and a great one. I'm soooo looking forward to future games! :)

The Scores:

Burger King96 -- David16 Daniels14 Santos13 Baguio12 CruzM.9 Belga9 Arboleda7 Quiñahan6 Billones5 CruzC.3 Alonzo2
Sta. Lucia87 -- Johnson32 Williams16 Aquino13 Yeo10 Omolon4 Gonzales4 Coronel4 Daa2 Miranda2

Jondan. :(

I' m looking at a picture of one of the people I admire most. I love looking at his picture, I feel like I' free from all the pain because of his smile that seems pain-free. I love Jondan Salvador. Corny no? Senxa na, nagmamahal lang. xD Kasi naman, bitter ako ngayon because I was told by a POL-iner (from pba-online.net) told me that he's going to be in the reserved list together with 2008 Purefoods' Draft Pick Jonathan Fernandez.

The former Davao Montaña player and PBL MVP captured my heart in the 2008 Philippine Cup Game 3 of the Championship. Please, don't ask me why. I don't know either! He was one of the first players I noticed in the PBA, ever, together with James Yap since I already knew him as Kris Aquino's husband at that time. I was watching this new program and it was so different from what I watched before. It was PBA, a show for basketball fans and I never was one! Yet, there I was, watching. Then, I saw that tall player, that tall handsome player in his jersey which bears the number 5. From then on, I was encouraged to watch PBA.

I watched other games and all I did was to look for that familiar man, that Salvador. He was the one who brought me to this love for the Philippine Basketball Association, along with his wonderful teammates. Now, here I am, not knowing what to feel because of this sad sad sad news. He brought me to my obsession and now, he's just gonna be reserved? I never knew what a reserve does until today, when I asked a poliner to explain it to me. He can be taken by any other team without any player to replace him? Gosh, doesn't that show how the team has taken him for granted? I was hurt, that's a fact. It's all pain and sorrow and sadness. However, there's some part of me that says, "Hey, it's ok. He's injured. He'll need some time to bring back his skills." Yet, you can't prevent thoughts like "How will I see him again? It's not like he goes to SM Southmall everytime I go there. What if he won't play ever again?" go inside my head.

I feel bitter, that's all. The essence of this post is actually to remove the bitterness by writing about my feelings right now.

Here I am, looking at the picture of that man again.