You Just Can't Have Everything

Right after another historic Game 7 between the Beermen and the Ginkings, here I am, blogging. And because I'm too excited to share my thoughts, I don't have a picture yet. Haha. Anyway,


If you ask me, they totally deserve it. They started this conference BIG, leading the way with an 11-3 after the elimination round and taking the first outright semi-finals berth even though played without their main men who got injured. They did everything step by step, and being humble in every step of the way. They waited for 4 long years before taking another championship and that's tough for a team that everyone's expecting to win because of their supposed powerhouse lineup. They waited patiently for their players to recover while making other improved bench players play.

And tonight, the Beermen have proven that they still have what it takes to be called CHAMPIONS. They fought hard, they strived hard not to give up any easy baskets. They played hard even if more than half of the fans in the Big Dome were against them. They did their best to win for God, for their fans and for themselves.

Jonas Villanueva won the Finals MVP Award which was won by Eric Menk and Ronald Tubid last year. Well, he deserves it. He worked hard and maybe, just maybe, this is his season. He won the Most Improved Player award recently and now he's an MVP. Meanwhile, Coach Siot Tanquincen, Coach Jong's former mentee and the coach almost every SMB fan hated, was the man of the moment a while ago. Someone actually carried him on his shoulders while the coach was smiling and waving at everyone. Now, I wonder, where the hell are these haters?

Anyway, Ginebra, probably, did not win the title, even if they had the talent, because it's actually a lesson for everyone. YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING. They were hailed All Filipino Cup Champions last year, they bagged a couple of awards recently in the Leo Awards, and they have millions of fans! We can now apply the quote, "you can't have everything, where would you put it?" in this situation. Don't believe me? Let's look at the signs. Sunday Salvacion, known to be a shooter and not a defender, was shut off the game in the first quarter right? David Noel, known to be a consistent player was not able to hit the shots he's used to taking a while ago. Coach Jong Uichico, a great tactician, seemed to run out of ideas and strategies in the game's crucial moments. Maybe I'm being weird again but that's my opinion and this is my blog! :))

We can't bring back what's lost, no one can. Fans can't make their teams win by being bitter or by saying foul stuff about players and referees. To take things lightly, let's just reminisce on some funny lines (well, for me anyway) during the dugout interview by Magoo Marjon a while ago.

"Yung mga manok!" -- Mark Pingris, making fun of Danny I for greeting the people who take care of his chickens last game

"Babati ako, babati ako!" -- Danny Ildefonso, when his teammates were pouring beer on him

"MVP! MVP!" -- Beermen, cheering for Jonas

"Tama na, tama na!" -- Jonas Villanueva, trying to tell his teammates to keep quiet 'cause he probably can't hear Magoo's questions and can't answer to them properly

"Ang sarap maligo sa San Miguel beer!" -- Olsen Racela, as he gets wet by his teammates who were pouring beer on him.

Goodbye PBA for the meantime. :( See you next season! I'm sooooo excited, can't wait.. I wanna know about the draftees and trades now! Hahahaha. PBA, Atin 'to! Thanks for a great season!

Upcoming Events:
July 18, 2009 - Philippines vs. Jordan at 5 pm, telecast on July 19 at 1 pm (ESPN)
August 2, 2009 - Annual Rookie Draft

I'll be posting RP Team's complete schedule in the Jones Cup together with the television listings later on. By the way, the Rookie Draft will again be held in Market! Market! I'll also be posting on trades and other off-season stuff. Ciao for now!


Anonymous said...


Oo, kakatuwa si Danny I at Marc Pingris.

Well, let's just be happy for whatever happens :)

Too bad, Team Pilipinas lost their first game :(