OMG, thanks daddy!

Daddy Ryan G. and I have the same idea! (Oh please, don't ask me why I call him that.) This is exactly what I've been pointing out to fans with whom I had arguments with! Ok, people seem to think that Coach RG is a bad coach since PF has some of the league's most talented players still the team failed to make it to the Semis or the Finals in the last three conferences. They always put the blame on him, don't they? But this is what we, Coach RG and I, believe in:

“Talent alone is not enough to win games. Players must know their roles on the team. Otherwise, we will not succeed."

I was so shocked when I read his statement since we have the same point-of-view on the matter. Yes, they might have the talent but if they don't know their roles, they would never ever win championships. The players might have all the talent but it seems that they don't even know what they're supposed to do yet. It doesn't rely fully on the coach you know.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. PF has a lot of star players but that doesn't mean that they'll perform their very very very best every game.. Look, it isn't Coach's fault that players miss freethrows or whatever baskets ok? *sigh* As the PBFantasy promotion said, don't pick the players just because they've made their names famous in the league. Pick players who perform well but don't require that much money. It's a good example of what I'm saying. Yes, PF does have it's star players but that does not mean that everyone must expect them to be champions every year! THAT'S ALL.


Anonymous said...

Wow naman!

Haning, we could have been meeting BGK in the Semis, or the SMB in the Finals if not for Chandler, huhuhu..

Remember the game vs BGK (eliminations), bumagsak ung bola sa tabi nya, hindi man lang nya kinuha *huhuhu*

And the wildcard game against TNT, fouled out sya nun. If not for the miracle 3 pointer of Kerby Raymundo, we might have bid goodbye that early.

♥peacefulheart58 said...

correct! from the start pala kasi gusto nya ipatalo ang team. gaaaah, i hate him. :P