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Finally, I was able to replace my freakishly green layout! :) This is great. :) Sadly, I spent about an hour picking the layout, half an hour in trying if they'll work, half an hour in looking for some more sites with more user-friendly layouts, and another half hour in changing stuff in the new layout, all because of my uber slow computer. :\

Anyway, I'm busy with my review (for college entrance tests) right now. The review's actually one of the reasons why I haven't updated the blog yet. Also, my CPU needs more memory. I have soooo many files here and all of them (well, for me) are important. I haven't found a computer repair shop nearby yet so, most unfortunately, I won't be able to do something about this yet. :(

This week is actually our 2009 Motolite PBA All-Star Week. :) Tomorrow will be the first of three games this week, it'll be between the North All-Star Team + selected imports and the Powerade Team Pilipinas. The game will be in Victorias City in Negros Occidental. I'm encouraging, no, forcing, everyone to watch! :)) It will be a good challenge for the RP Team and I hope that they'll be able to prove themselves tomorrow.

North All-Star Team:

^ Starters: Marc Pingris, Rico Villanueva, Paul Artadi, Macmac Cardona, Danny Ildefonso*

^ Reserves: Jay-R Reyes, Gary David, Gabby Espinas, LA Tenorio, Joseph Yeo

^ Coach: Tim Cone of Alaska

*in exchange of Lordy Tugade who's suffering an injury. latest news says that he won't be playing though. now, the question is, who'll be playing in exchange of him?

Powerade Team Pilipinas:

^ Asi Taulava, Sonny Thoss, Mick Pennisi, Kerby Raymundo, Kelly Williams, Gabe Norwood, Ranidel de Ocampo, Jared Dillinger, James Yap, Ryan Reyes, Willie Miller, Cyrus Baguio, Jayjay Helterbrand

^ Coach: Yeng Guiao of Burger King

That's all for now. I'll update the blog as soon as I can. :]

what a trade!

Burger King traded some players with 2 teams under the San Miguel Corporation, Purefoods and Ginebra. The team gave Cyrus Baguio and Homer Se to get 2 future draft picks to be drafted in 2010. They also exchanged Celino Cruz with Aaron Aban of PF. Fans have a lot of things to say about this trade. Burger King fans protested even if the management can't hear them. Their stand on the trade? Why trade Baguio and Celino? Why get Aaron Aban? Well, I'd say, those questions are for Coach Yeng Guiao and BK's management to answer. We'll have to see what these players can do tomorrow. Nonetheless, I'd say that the trade was a complete surprise and was very shocking. Ginebra fans have expressed their happiness in the Baguio addition to their lineup.. Question is, what about Homer Se who has done "some damage" to their players in the 2008 Fiesta Conference Championship Series?

oh hot damn. :))

My blog is obviously freakishly green right now, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'll fix this later, during the day. :)) I had no choice but to use this layout since my former layout just went boom, gone..

Anyway, thanks visitors. :) Hope I'll be able to post soon. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Photobucket gone wild. That's supposedly the title of this post. They're doing weird stuff so that people will avail of photobucket pro.. Tsk tsk.

Good morning, people. :)