it's me and coach rg against the world.

Coach RG's gonna continue coaching the Giants, that's final. Well, at least this says so..

Purefoods board governor Rene Pardo told GMANews.TV that he instructed coach Ryan Gregorio to possibly trade one of its marquee players in exchange for a rookie that they can pluck out in the first round.

So, what's the reaction of PF fans? I'll quote a few.

I could go on, but I might end up throwing my laptop against the wall if I don't stop. So let me just leave with this parting shot, a quote from Ryan Gregorio at the beginning of the Fiesta Conference: "We had problems in scoring last conference. I hope with Allado and Canaleta on board, our inability to score can be addressed." Well, that didn't work. Maybe next time he could learn how to draw up a fucking play.

but just the same, we're F*CKED UP!

there will be a lot of fans that will leave the team because of the same system and with the same head coach that made the same boring plays. I would rather watch a barako bull againts coca cola , than PF powerhouse with the same old plays handled by a genius coach that was just hoping for luck every game.
till when we will wait for a change? what do we need as fans to to be heard by the management? we were bored with this kind of coaching!!! better disband the team than to watch them losing under this GENIUS COACH!

My reaction? YEYYYYY! I've been fighting for Coach RG ever since the day that I became a PF fan. Why? I don't know either. I just feel for him everytime. Actually, I was attacked by many "PF fans" when I said my opinions on Coach Ryan. Sorry, I like him and I'm willing to be kicked out of a forum just because of defending him from weird fans, fans who say that they've been fans since '88? Well, again, I'm sorry 'cause I don't give a damn. It's not about how long you've been a fan of a certain team, it's how you support them. Here are some excerpts on the argument. There are so many more, but I'll just post the links. Anyway, I don't really expect that you'll even care but I just want to share this.

bakit sa mga tao mo lang din sinasabi yan neneng? bakit hindi mo din sabihin sa sarili mo, minsan kasi kung gusto mong igalang ng ibang tao ang opinyon mo, igalang mo din muna opinyon nila, kung ayaw mong masaling sa forum, wag ka magreact, at kung ayaw mo mapersonal dito sa forum, wag ka din mamersonal,
fair enough db? Saying things like uncivilized sa mga nagpepersonalang fans is mali naman ata.

nagets mo naman siguro ang sinasabi ni bang db? hindi lahat ng sinasabi ng mga nasa forum ay tama at hindi mo din kailangang sagutin ang lahat ng sinasabi nila, hirap naman kasi, naglalabas sila ng frustration nila, entra ka naman at kokontra at kapag pinatulan ka na, sasabihin mo umakto ng matanda, be matured 1st bago mangaral, ok neneng?

This was written by an SMB FAN, in short, NAKISAWSAW SA ISSUE. I can't believe that they have the guts to say that I'm immature (hey, he says I'm not matured right?) Even my precious AHC says I'm a lot mature for my age. And who the hell is this guy? An SMB fan who's about 25 or even above? To Mars with him! I just haaaaaate these people. Here are some links on arguments about Coach RG in my former home, PBA Online. (I know reside in Pinoy Basketball Addicts)
There are so many more threads about him, I'm sure. But since I wasn't a regular onliner before, I didn't see them early enough. I hate fans who're like this, I swear. There was actually a time when I wasn't able to sleep well because of these efffffers. Dang, I don't know what else I could say except that I'm happy that Coach's staying. :D Come on, who wouldn't be happy if one of your inspirations' gonna stay doing what he loves? (He and Coach Ronnie are both from UP. They are the people who inspire me to try my best in the upcoming UPCAT.) People don't know the real reason for the team's loss, I think I do but, of course, I'm not spilling it. :))