Aww. :D

Do you know that I'm quite a Richard Del Rosario fan? I always want him talking during the games. When I first listened to him, I laughed really hard at his jokes and antics. He's a really funny guy and I just looooove listening to him! When I knew about him being College of St. Benilde's head coach, I started watching their NCAA games (along with SBC's of course). Oh btw, do you know that he and Jondan Salvador had the same school? Anyway, I recently found out that he has a twitter account and started following him. The other day, I posted this tweet, hoping to get a response.

@charddelrosario good luck coach! hope CSB takes its 3rd straight win. :)

I was, as usual, online last night and was shocked by a reply from him. Okay, scratch that. I was surprised. LOL. Shocked though, it's not everyday that one of your faves is gonna reply on your tweet right? And another thing, I thought a person can only see one's tweet when he follows him. He doesn't follow me, but he was able to read my message. Wow, another discovery. :)) Anyway, because I was surprised by it, I actually saved a preview of the page. :D Here it is. :)


Anonymous said...

Haning, ang bait naman ni chard :D Ako rin gusto ko sya mag commentator, saka si Jason Webb, pero first parin sa akin si Quinito. Kasi, lagi niya pinupuri si Mariano :D

♥peacefulheart58 said...

ahahaha! nga naman.. kaaliw kasi si coach richard.. ay, meron pang galing kay ms patricia.. post ko rin one time. :D