Penny's Heroics Give Coke a "W"

Each and every team right now is trying to avoid being in the 9th and 10th spot in the team standings. Yes, unlike the past conferences, there won't be any eliminated team. But, then again, being "up there" will give a team a lot of advantage. Being in the top 2 means automatic semifinals berth. Being in the bottom 2 means a twice to win disadvantage. Last night's 2nd game was a significant game for both teams.

Coca-Cola, ranking 8th in the conference now, needed last night's game to avoid being 9th while the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters could've almost assured a semifinal berth if not for James Penny, Coke's import, who scored 30 points, the last three of which came from rainbow country with 1:42 left.

Every thing must be earned the hard way as they say and last night was really hard for both teams; so hard that they even needed another 5 minutes just for a team to win. Overtime, my friend. They needed overtime. And how did that happen? It was all thanks to Penny of Coke and Sol Mercado of Rain or Shine.

Just when the Tigers were near to losing at 81-83, with five seconds left, their import came to their rescue, hitting a three-pointer and was fouled while making the shot. He, then, calmly took the bonus free throw which made them on top by 2 points. Problem was, at the other end, Sol Mercado was fouled by Alex Cabagnot. Due to the penalty situation, he took 2 free throws, both went in. CCT had another chance to win the game within regulation but Mark Macapagal missed the shot which ended regulation at 85 all.

It was almost a double overtime but Penny did not allow it. The game ended with CCT leading by 3, 94-91. We still have to give credit to Jai Lewis though who had 30 points and 22 rebounds and Nic Belasco who had a very quiet 17 points.

Because of ROS' loss to CCT, it's conference record is now at 8-6. They are now experiencing their franchise's  first ever final four appearance. They have a slim chance for the semifinals berth if supposing that Ginebra loses its last 2 games. Meanwhile the Tigers is still in the race with Alaska in avoiding the 9th spot.

Coke (94) -- Penny 30, Belasco 17, Macapagal 13, Taulava 10, Telan 10, Buenafe 8, Cabagnot 4, Singson 2, Calimag 0, Dimaunahan 0.

Rain or Shine (91) -- Lewis 30, Mercado 23, Isip 10, Reyes 13, Laure 6, Norwood 5, Tang 2, Salangsang 2, Arana 0, Dulay 0, Ibanes 0, Wainwright 0.

First Game: Barako Bull Elasto Painters vs. San Miguel Beermen
SMB 99 – Freeman 33, Hontiveros 23, Ildefonso 14, Pena 10, Pennisi 9, Villanueva 6, Pingris 2, Racela 2, Custodio 0, Bono 2, Washington 0, Gonzales 0.
Barako Bull 92 – Selvy 32, Duncil 18*, Espinas 12, Hrabak 7, Sharma 6, Chan 5, Crisano 5, Najorda 3, Rodriguez 2, Juntilla 2, Membrere 0, Ybanez 0.
Quarterscores: 26-32; 52-40; 69-70; 99-92

* conference high for Jojo Duncil

All-Star Skills Competition

I had a great time watching the All-Star Week! It was my first time, you know. I've watched an All-Star Skills Competition but that was in the NBA (the most recent one). So, you'd expect me commenting on everything once again. :)) I'd say that the whole thing was nice, not flawless though. In the 3pt shoot-out, Larry Fonacier ran out of basketballs which forced him to try the whole thing again. In the slamdunk competition, a few players missed dunks. Kelly Williams, the defending Slamdunk Champion wasn't able to show up due to food poisoning. :( Ah well, what's done is done. Anyway, I got so entertained especially with Jared Dillinger and Gabe Norwood in the Slamdunk Competition. Here are the stats and some videos, enjoy. :)

Powerade Obstacle Challenge:
1st Round: LA Tenorio (AA)  -- 34.6 sec
   Sol Mercado (ROS) -- 46.8 sec
   Warren Ybañez (BB) -- 56.8 sec
   Bonbon Custodio (SMB) -- 48.6 sec
   Paul Artadi (BGK) -- 30.7 sec
   Norman Gonzales (SLR) -- 46.7
   Egay Billiones (BK) -- 34.3 sec
  Jason Castro (TNT) -- 1.03 min
  Alex Cabagnot (CCT) -- 43.7 sec 
  Willie Miller (def. champ) -- 37.4 sec
Final Round: LA Tenorio -- 37.4 sec
       Paul Artadi -- 36.7
       Egay Billiones -- 40.6
WINNER: Paul Anthony Artadi of the Barangay Ginebra Kings :]

Vitwater 3pt Shootout
1st Round: Larry Fonacier (AA) -- 10 pts
   Donald Dulay (ROS) -- 11 pts
   Jeff Chan (BB) -- 15 pts
   Dondon Hontiveros (SMB) -- 16 pts
   Ronald Tubid (BGK) -- 11 pts
   Norman Gonzales (SLR) -- 9 pts
   Gary David (BK) -- 18 pts
   Jimmy Alapag (TNT) -- 14 pts
   Ronjay Buenafe (CCT) -- 13 pts
   Renren Ritualo (def. champ) -- 15 pts
   James Yap (PF) -- 17 pts
Final Round: Dondon Hontiveros -- 15 pts
       James Yap -- 21 pts
       Gary David -- 8 pts
WINNER: James Carlos Yap of the Purefoods TJ Giants :]

Vitwater Slamdunk
Import Division:
first round: Dave Noel -- 9+8+9+8+9 = 43
   Gabe Freeman -- 9+9+10+9+10 = 47
   Anthony Johnson -- 6+6+6+7+7 = 32
2nd round: Noel -- 7+7+8+9+9 = 40
   Freeman -- missed dunk, automatic 25 pts
   Johnson -- missed dunk, automatic 25 pts
WINNER FOR DIVISION: David Noel of the Barangay Ginebra  Kings :)

Local Division:
first round: KG Cañaleta (PF) -- 9+9+10+9+9 = 46
   Gabe Norwood (ROS) -- 7+9+10+9+9 = 44
   Jared "Pacman" Dillinger (TNT) -- missed dunk, automatic 25 pts
--> whatever, he was very entertaining. I actually think that he knew he won't be able to hold the ball with boxing gloves. he probably just wanted to entertain the fans. I'd say, he succeeded. :D
2nd round: Cañaleta -- 8+8+9+9+9 = 43
   "Mr President" Norwood (ROS) -- 9+9+10+9+10
--> he was with Sol Mercado to assist him. It was another entertaining dunk. :D 
    Dillinger -- 8+8+9+8+9 = 42
WINNER FOR DIVISION: Gabe Norwood of the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters :)

Local vs. Import
Noel -- 50+50 = 100
Norwood -- 46+48 = 94
CHAMPION: David Noel of the Barangay Ginebra Kings :]