Team Pilipinas' Schedule and TV Listings for the Jones Cup

Sorry for the late post about this, I knew about it very recently.. Anway, here's the Powerade Team Pilipinas' game schedule and the telecasts for the Jones Cup.

Philippines vs. Jordan
Tipoff: Saturday, July 18, 5 PM
ESPN Broadcast: Sunday, July 19, 1 PM

Philippines vs. Chinese Taipei – A
Tipoff: Sunday, July 19, 7 PM
ESPN Broadcast: Monday, July 20, 10 AM

Philippines vs. Kazakhstan
Tipoff: Monday, July 20, 3 PM
ESPN Broadcast: Live!

Philippines vs. Japan
Tipoff: Tuesday, July 21, 3PM
ESPN Broadcast: Live!

Philippines vs. Lebanon
Tipoff: Wednesday, July 22, 7PM
ESPN Broadcast: Live!

Philippines vs. South Korea
Tipoff: Thursday, July 23, 5 PM
ESPN Broadcast: Live!

Philippines vs. Chinese Taipei – B
Tipoff: Saturday, July 25, 3 PM
ESPN Broadcast: Live!

Philippines vs. Iran
Tipoff: Sunday, July 26, 1 PM
ESPN Broadcast: Live!

ESPN will not be able to air this weekend's games live because they'll be broadcasting the British Open Championship. Credits to a site where I found this. (Dang, I'm so sorry I can't give much credit, I wasn't able to copy the link of the site. I'm really sorry..) Let's all support our country in the best way that we can, by praying. God bless us all! :)


Anonymous said...

Too bad we don't win. Pero sabi nila, its alright for it was just an invitational game.

Hopefully, it was really just Coach Yeng's tactics :D

Go Team Pilipinas! Make your country PROUD!

*annah.61 said...

As I always say, win or lose we gain something - experience and training. Hopefully the team has learned much from their Jones Cup experience and bring these learnings as they fight in the FIBA-Asia. :)