If there's one thing I'd like at this very second, that is for my blog to be the first result when a person types in "Jondan Salvador." How can I even do that? I have no idea at all! I really don't know. I've got nothing in my mind right now except NOTHING. :)) Well, because I can't think of any other way that my blog will be Jondan-influenced, I'll just post pictures of him here. :) Pictures were searched throughout the "online world" thoroughly. All awkward, weird, super handsome pictures will stay with me though. I don't want people seeing things I wish to see alone. :)) Hmm.. But right now, I don't think I want to share pictures yet. I'll decide tomorrow since my migraine's killing me already. I'll post some excerpts from my multiply nalang. The pictures are safe with me, promise! Jondan Salvador fans, just stay with me. Leave me a message in my cbox ha, para masaya tayo. Sharing. Hahaha.


minnie_madz said...

why not make a Jondan Salvador blog? similar to Chris' :)