Jondan. :(

I' m looking at a picture of one of the people I admire most. I love looking at his picture, I feel like I' free from all the pain because of his smile that seems pain-free. I love Jondan Salvador. Corny no? Senxa na, nagmamahal lang. xD Kasi naman, bitter ako ngayon because I was told by a POL-iner (from told me that he's going to be in the reserved list together with 2008 Purefoods' Draft Pick Jonathan Fernandez.

The former Davao Montaña player and PBL MVP captured my heart in the 2008 Philippine Cup Game 3 of the Championship. Please, don't ask me why. I don't know either! He was one of the first players I noticed in the PBA, ever, together with James Yap since I already knew him as Kris Aquino's husband at that time. I was watching this new program and it was so different from what I watched before. It was PBA, a show for basketball fans and I never was one! Yet, there I was, watching. Then, I saw that tall player, that tall handsome player in his jersey which bears the number 5. From then on, I was encouraged to watch PBA.

I watched other games and all I did was to look for that familiar man, that Salvador. He was the one who brought me to this love for the Philippine Basketball Association, along with his wonderful teammates. Now, here I am, not knowing what to feel because of this sad sad sad news. He brought me to my obsession and now, he's just gonna be reserved? I never knew what a reserve does until today, when I asked a poliner to explain it to me. He can be taken by any other team without any player to replace him? Gosh, doesn't that show how the team has taken him for granted? I was hurt, that's a fact. It's all pain and sorrow and sadness. However, there's some part of me that says, "Hey, it's ok. He's injured. He'll need some time to bring back his skills." Yet, you can't prevent thoughts like "How will I see him again? It's not like he goes to SM Southmall everytime I go there. What if he won't play ever again?" go inside my head.

I feel bitter, that's all. The essence of this post is actually to remove the bitterness by writing about my feelings right now.

Here I am, looking at the picture of that man again.


minnie_madz said...

nagpapractice pa rin naman sya with PF, i've got his signature on Paulo's ball :)

hanna♥♥♥pba said...

sige lang, mang-inggit. hahaha. haay, miss ko na xa. :((