Hello, 2009 Motolite Fiesta Conference! :]

This also meant hello imports! Wee, so happy to see my favorite players again. :] First game was against the Burger King Titans and the Sta. Lucia Realtors in Dumaguete. I'm so freakingly scared of Anthony Johnson, Sta. Lucia's import. He's so good! Yeah, but weird enough, the Titans won even if their import wasn't that good to rely on. (sorry..) Well, I guess they used their combined powers; they meaning the locals. And, of course, they won because of the great strategies from their tactician, former RB coach, Coach Yeng Guiao. It felt so great seeing Chad Alonzo (former Giant) playing and looking hotter. ;)) Also felt nice seeing Cyrus Baguio (former RB star) scoring with double digits and seeing Beau Belga (also a former Giant) contribute for Burger King. So yeah, BK won. It was a close fight and a great one. I'm soooo looking forward to future games! :)

The Scores:

Burger King96 -- David16 Daniels14 Santos13 Baguio12 CruzM.9 Belga9 Arboleda7 Quiñahan6 Billones5 CruzC.3 Alonzo2
Sta. Lucia87 -- Johnson32 Williams16 Aquino13 Yeo10 Omolon4 Gonzales4 Coronel4 Daa2 Miranda2