Hanna's Believe it or Not 2

Hmm.. I think everyone knows this except me so I'll be talking to myself in this post. So, Hanna, believe it or not..

There's a PC game called PBA Live! It's similar to NBA Live but, instead, you're players will be our very own locals. The game is available for downloading in pbalive.panelo.com/home.php If it doesn't work, don't blame me. I haven't tried it yet. I'm really sorry, I still don't have a speedy computer..

Wesley Gonzales, tonight's best player of the ball game, is already 28 years old! Please don't blame me for thinking he's younger, admit it, he looks young! Yah, yah, I have my mistake. I was stupid enough to think that he was a draftpick for 2008. I haven't been watching SMB games before and cannot remember Commissioner Sonny Barrios announcing SMB's chosen rookie.. Well, I watched one MBM (yes, magnolia at that time) game which was against Purefoods in the 2008 Smart Fiesta Conference Eliminations but I think I did not see him. I knew about his existence just last conference. So, please, bear with me for thinking that he's just 24. At least I now know that he's 28 and born on July 27, 1980.

Tony dela Cruz probably has the same injury as Jeff Cariaso! Omg. That's a total disaster. I have to be honest. The only player I love from Alaska is Tony and he suffered an injury a while ago in a game against Purefoods. He had 20 points. And it's really sad that his performance had to end that way. I do hope he's okay..

Yah, I know. It's still personal. :)) I'm sorry. It's a blog anyway, not a professional PBA site. This site is about my views on PBA, as a fan, as an ordinary person who watches it, as one of the audience of this wonderful thing. :) I love PBA! Watch out for the coming posts on Hanna's Believe it or Not. :P


minnie_madz said...

haning, si wesley, kaya lang siya naipasok ngaun kasi wala si siegle, pingris, at jaywash, kaya siguro ndi mo sya nakikita before :D

hanna♥♥♥pba said...

yep, reliever ata xa ni jaywash eh. hahaha. laughtrip talaga. pinagtawanan ko nga sarili ko eh. :)) imagine, kala ko draftpick! XD