The Never Say Die Team

Just visited to post something.. :)

While typing, I can hear the commentators, Ed Picson and Richard del Rosario. It's the first game, RB vs CCT. Next comes Alaska and my Ginebra. :)

Ginebra's stat now is quite sad for me. 2-3... I wanted an 18-0.. haha. I'm sorry but I'm ambitious. I want everyone to eat what they said last conference, that we couldn't make it after a 0-5.

As we all know, Mark Caguioa is resting due to his injury. If my memory serves me right, Junthy Valenzuela, Raffy Reavis, and Billy Mamaril can't play yet. So, how can we make it against Alaska later?

One answer, the NEVER SAY DIE attitude. :)

This brought us to the finals, and it can bring us to a 3-3 if the team and the fans stick to the battlecry.

I haven't seen a team like Ginebra. They don't fall easily. No. It will take a lot of effort to bring Ginebra down with its million fans and its fighting spirit. Most teams give up after getting injuries or having more loses than wins. Ginebra doesn't care about those. It does not give up. So what if we don't start well? As I said before it's not how we start, It's how we finish.

I don't know what else to say, to be honest. I am now feeling cold. I'm so nervous yet confident that my team will do everything that it can to win. So, gotta go. The game's gonna start already.. GO GINEBRA! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!