Philippine Basketball Association

Why make a blog dedicated to the Philippine Basketball Association? Well, here's the answer: I LOVE PBA. It makes me happy. It makes me free from ennui. (check your dictionaries. ;p) It makes my life a more blissful one and eliminates stress, at least when I witness the wonderful plays of players from different teams.

Why love PBA? Well, because it is the thing which inspires me most. It is the thing that makes me want to watch television. It makes me learn from the mistakes of the teams. It makes me feel good. It makes me happy for an unknown reason. Also, I can relate basketball to real life situations.

Now if you ask me if I play basketball don't be surprised if I'd say no. I'm not an athletic person. But people think that I am, even a P.E. teacher thought that I was an athlete. Some even say that I'm even more knowledgable in the PBA than boys of my age which is so weird since I got addicted to PBA in January of this year.

I love PBA, the teams, the coaches, the players, the plays. I have my favorites but I love them all as a whole. I don't hate a single team, I simply have my more preferred and less preferred. Need I explain more? ;)

I'll discuss more in the coming posts. Hope you'll always visit. :)