The Victory Ride

"Chapter closed, destination reached. Now we can celebrate." -- These were the words of Purefoods' first 2-time Philippine Cup Champion Coach, Coach Ryan Gregorio as his Giants finally won, in a 4-0 sweep against the Aces, the KFC Philippine Cup Championship title after a roller coaster ride in the 18 games of the elimination round and playing 15 tiring games in the play-offs last March 3, 2010 at the country's basketball capital - the Araneta Coloseum. (Do you know that no team has played as many games in a conference as the Giants, who played 33 games?) Now, they finally have the bragging rights; they can finally be named as the best team in the land.

It was a night of odds and defeating the odds. In fact, the odds were against Purefoods; for the past 4 conferences, the teams to which the BPCs belong lose the game in which they were awarded as such. That night, "Big Game" James Carlos Yap was named as the KFC Philippine Cup's Best Player of the Conference. That was, sort-of, a jinx for them and as the game ended, James Yap said that he wanted to prove that "jinx" non-applicable to them.

Aside from being the BPC, James Yap was also named as the Finals MVP of this conference.

Words would never be enough, but I'd love to express my feelings for a few people. :]

* Chris Timberlake (31) & Jonathan Fernandez (12) - Though you weren't able to play, I'm sure that if you'd work harder, you'll get your break. Wait and see what the future holds for you. :) Good luck with your professional careers and I do hope that I'd see you both grow as players in the same squad.

* Rommel Adducul (10) - You're a great person and that's why God has given you another chance to live. I'm sure that He has plans for you and all you have to do is to wait for Him to unfold His plans. I'll be very glad to see you next conference as The General we have known and loved. :)

* Don Allado (41) - I'd be a liar if I'll say that I love you and that I'm your biggest fan. Though I'm not, I'm so proud of how you have grown as a player in PF. I also love how you show appreciation for your teammates and how you make the crowd roar during timeouts because of your funny antics. See you next confe! :D

*Jondan Salvador (61) - I just love you! =)) Need I say more? :)) Kidding aside, I'm so happy that, even though you were on the floor for very limited minutes, you were able to contribute for the team. The rebounds, the basket, the defensive moves, and the magnificent block made my larynx go tired. :)) I hope that PF would find a way to bring you back to the player you were before and that they'll always make you play. See ya! :)

*Niño Cañaleta (9) - I'm so happy that you were traded to PF! :D I never thought that you're a wonderful shooter in the inside and in the rainbow country. I'm super duper proud of you! PF has made you a better player than before. :) I'll be watching out for your possible entry to the Slamdunk Competition in the All-Star Weekend! :)

*Paul Artadi (11) - Mr. Energy and Play-maker! :) That's who you are to me. I'm so happy that they finally found a way to bring you back to the squad. I really love how you make everyone work their hardest when you're on the floor. You're the man! :) Practice more on your threes and everything's good. :)

*PJ Simon (8) - "Wala ng injury injury, finals na eh." I'm sure that that statement of yours touched the hearts of your Simonatics so much. All PF fans are surely so thankful that you played to the best of your ability despite the injuries. Hope that you'll be playing your best next conference once your injury's completely healed. Go Supersub!! :)

*Rico Maierhofer (1) - Though you're a rookie, that doesn't make you work less than the rest of your teammates and that makes all PF fans so proud and happy that you're part of this team. Your energy and momentum keeps the team and the fans alive every time you play. Congratulations on your first PBA Championship! :)

*Rafi Reavis (4) - At first, I have to admit, I didn't like the trade that involved you. But now, I'm sure that I'm not the only one who's very thankful to have you traded to PF. You work like an import! Minus the foul trouble, of course. :)) And that's what everyone likes about you. See you next conference!

*Roger Yap (13) - As PBA's site says, you're now playing your best game in 9 years. You're a great, great player and we hope that, somehow, you could extend your stay in the PBA and in Purefoods. :) Good luck!

*Kerby Raymundo (5) - Many games (more like referees) tested your patience and your professionalism. Yet, you showed everyone that your "anger" was righteous. :)) You made every PF fan proud by showing us your perseverance especially during the games' crucial moments. You really are a captain. :) Hope to see you receive MVP titles in the future! :D

*James Yap (18) - King, Man with a Million Moves, Big Game James. So many titles for one amazing player who has just won another Finals MVP and BPC title. PF is very very proud of you, James. 'Cause despite all the problems you face, the controversies thrown at you, you never ever give up and still play your very best. Congratulations! You deserve all the awards, praises, and love from your fans. :)

*Coaching Staff, esp. Coach Ryan Gregorio - Congratulations! So many people doubted your abilities, but you proved everyone wrong by outsmarting one of the best, if not the best, coaches in the PBA now - Coach Tim Cone. I'm so proud specifically of Coach Ryan Gregorio. Can I insult your haters now? :)) I've always been a supporter and now that you won your third championship for Purefoods, no one can ever blame you for anything. Good luck with your coaching careers and hope to see the complete staff next conference!

To end this, let me quote the Champion Coach, Coach Ryan Gregorio of the Purefoods TJ Giants who humbly said, "What makes this championship sweet is that this was close to impossible but we did it. It can be a preview of what life can be. We never gave up and we were rewarded." Again, congratulations to the whole Purefoods team! :)


MinnieRunner said...

The hype of being the champion is still within me.


Anonymous said...

It's been 2 year when it happens. What's new in PBA news? Even though this team change a lot starting to their team name and even their coach change but I could see that it would be better for them because they winning the champion in a Commissioner's Cup. Good for them thanks for sharing.