I won't explain anymore, I'm sooo busy! Just dropped by for this. Here are the trades that I'm aware of as of the moment.

Marc Pingris -- from SMB to BK to PF
Ken Bono -- from SMB to BK
Arwind Santos -- from BK to SMB
Raffy Reavis, Paul Artadi, Chris Timberlake -- from BGK to PF
Rico Villanueva, Paolo Bugia, Celino Cruz, Rich Alvarez -- from PF to BGK
Ronjay Buenafe -- from CCT to BK
Nic Belasco -- from CCT to TNT
Marvin Cruz, Chris Ross -- from BK to CCT
Larry Rodriguez -- from three-way trade to CCT
Jeff Chan, Mike Hrabak -- from BB to ROS
Rob Wainwright, Mark Andaya -- from ROS to BB
Gabby Espinas -- from BB to SLR