what a trade!

Burger King traded some players with 2 teams under the San Miguel Corporation, Purefoods and Ginebra. The team gave Cyrus Baguio and Homer Se to get 2 future draft picks to be drafted in 2010. They also exchanged Celino Cruz with Aaron Aban of PF. Fans have a lot of things to say about this trade. Burger King fans protested even if the management can't hear them. Their stand on the trade? Why trade Baguio and Celino? Why get Aaron Aban? Well, I'd say, those questions are for Coach Yeng Guiao and BK's management to answer. We'll have to see what these players can do tomorrow. Nonetheless, I'd say that the trade was a complete surprise and was very shocking. Ginebra fans have expressed their happiness in the Baguio addition to their lineup.. Question is, what about Homer Se who has done "some damage" to their players in the 2008 Fiesta Conference Championship Series?